12 November 2012

A Thank You

I love the United States of America. When I think of the mighty sacrifices of life and limb willingly offered up by those members of the military, I get a lump in my throat. The freedoms we enjoy in this country are not free, nor will they ever be.

Members of the U.S. Armed Forces hold a special place in my heart. Perhaps that is because both my father, his brother, and their father all served in the military. My grandfather, Henry Abel served in the Army during WWII, fighting in the campaign in Italy. My dad recalls watching some sort of documentary about the war on TV and asking his dad if he had been there. My grandpa's only response was "Yep. I was there." Dad says that is all my grandpa ever said about it. My uncle served in the Army and spent a year overseas in Korea.

I grew up the child of a military man. My dad, Michael Henry, served in the Army, achieving the rank of Major and then switched colors to Air Force blue, eventually retiring at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. I know a bit about what the military life is like. So, to the members of this nation's great defense team, I say thank you for everything!

08 November 2012


I have not taken time for over a year to write in this blog. I guess when I turned 40, my blog moved to the bottom of my priority list. I have often felt that I shouldn't be neglecting my blog, that I could, perhaps, say something that would be of help to someone. Perhaps.

Many things have happened this year that cause reflection. My maternal (and last remaining) grandfather died in April. My brother Brian came out of the closet, just to name a couple of those things. I have come to realize the absolute importance of my relationships and am working to strengthen them. I have learned that through everything I have emerged a stronger person.

The most recent event to capture my undivided attention was the election for U.S. President. The results were, in my view, most unfavorable. However, I have undying confidence in the United States as a nation and the Constitution upon which the laws of the country are based.

My father, in light of the distressed feelings expressed by some of his children, sent this email today. I'd like to include it here because I think what he says is something that can bring peace...it certainly did so for me. I post this email with permission from my dad.

Some of you have expressed considerable concern and frustration over the recent election results. I can certainly understand that. Just as some folks found the 2008 election "historic," for us this election represented the possibility of something equally historic. It wasn't to be for now. There are a lot of reasons it happened this way, some of which are fairly obvious and others we may never fully understand.

Let me encourage you, however, not to let it bother you so much that you get ulcers or lose sleep over it. This country has endured any number of traumatic elections and bad presidencies and will no doubt endure many more. Keep in mind that Lincoln's election was greeted with the secession of 7 states before he was even sworn in. That's something worthy of the name "crisis."

It is worth remembering that we answer to a higher power than a president, or congress, or any other man-made government. Gracie Mantoan posted a photo of Pres. Monson on Facebook with the caption: "My president didn't change tonight." Whenever we get to thinking there is some magical political solution to the world's ills we need to reread 2 Nephi 4:34 and thank our Heavenly Father for our testimony of the gospel and for the blessing of personal revelation.

We owe it to ourselves and to our families to remain optimistic and full of faith that the Lord will help us navigate the roughest shoals and make a safe landing on the far shore.

Love you. Buck up. Keep your families close to you and keep yourselves close to the Lord.


27 October 2011

Four Oh!

Thanks to my thoughtful co-workers today. Their kind gestures and well wishes were very much appreciated.

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19 October 2011

My Classroom Changes Direction

I needed a change in my classroom so I rearranged. I hope you like it, I do!

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27 September 2011


My bro is quite an artist. Check out his website at www.abelartwork.com

You won't regret it!

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09 September 2011

Happy birthday, Mom!!

I paid tribute to my mother on her birthday yesterday by posting it as an announcement for my students. Several of them noticed and send their birthday salutations her way.

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06 September 2011

Ear Wax

The following is a message I wrote to the sisters in my ward.

Dearest Sisters,

I recently had an interesting experience I would like to share with you. It all started after I went swimming with my nieces a few weeks ago. My right ear clogged up and I couldn't hear very well. It was quite irritating, although it was not at all painful. I was, as usual, stubborn and refused to go to a professional. I purchased swimmer's ear drops and an ear wax removal system, neither of which turned out to be effective. Finally, after 5 days of near deafness in that ear, I humbled myself and went to the doctor. They flushed my ear out and I was again able to hear normally. I was so very grateful! I started to think about how sensitive the ear is. It is so sensitive that it only takes a few tiny bits of wax to clog it right up to the point that hearing is a struggle. Then I thought about how sensitive our spiritual ears are. The smallest bits of inappropriate material, words, actions, thoughts, etc., can clog us right up to the point that we are unable to hear the spiritual promptings Heavenly Father would send us through the Holy Ghost. If we humble ourselves, we can partake of that spiritual ear flushing that will restore our ability to hear and listen with our spiritual ears.

We are indeed daughters of a loving Heavenly Father and because of our divine nature and the love He has for us, we have a way to get back home. And you know what? We're worth it!

I love you.

Kirsten Abel